Putting the ME in omega: transform your health!

Balance Your Body Are you done with being stuck in your old routines? Are you ready to reclaim your life and get your body back in balance? Well, believe it or not, the first step in the right direction is not to dust off your bathroom scales and face the music: it begins from within. Sure, punching in the numbers to get your BMI will give you a heads-up. Rebooting your cupboards with healthier snacks does wonders, just as signing up with a personal trainer will boost your exercise routine. But if you really want to balance your body, you need to start by looking at it inside out, on a molecular level. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, suggested some 2,000 years ago that all health issues originate in the gut. This old wisdom still holds true today. And how about that sure-fire cold on the first day of holidays after working round the clock for weeks? What you might not realise is that it is just your immune system doing its job to protect you by physically telling you it’s time to slow down. Now, is it any wonder that the status of our bodies goes a lot deeper than what the good old bathroom scales can tell us? What about omegas? You probably already know that Omega-3 is good for you and that eating a lot of plant-based products rich in omegas can boost your body's functioning. Flaxseed, tofu and walnuts are great sources of Omega-3s! You might also subscribe to the common misconception that Omega-6 is the bad fatty acid, as you’ve probably picked up on the fact that the modern Western diet contains an unhealthy excess of this particular fatty acid. In fact, both Omega-3 and -6 are extremely important for our bodies, but the food we eat tends to give us a distorted ratio of the two. Getting a fatty acid profile of your blood done would help you to gauge the strength of your current diet and what you need to change. Your personal profile would provide you with an overview of eleven of the most important fatty acids in your blood, including Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9. Take The Test! You can have this fatty acid profile done in just a few minutes, with a simple blood-spot test at home. Zinzino is a leading, global company within the new science of pharmaconutrition, using active nutrients from foods to fight the imbalance of modern lifestyles. The Zinzino BalanceTest is completely anonymous and comes with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. After posting the test, your personal reading will be available in approximately 14 days, with a full report to guide your Omega-6:3 ratio adjustment. You'll get your individual custom-detailed report with a personalised analysis on your fatty acid profile. Why Zinzino? Zinzino has conducted around 550,000 blood spot tests across the globe, giving each individual new insight into their body’s Omega-6:3 balance and fatty acid profile. The goal is a ratio close to 3:1 but a lot of people sit at 15:1. Interestingly enough, almost 95% of people taking the test find that their ratio is off-balance. The good news is that this can change in just a matter of months with Polyphenol Omega food supplements high in olive polyphenols, Omega-3, and vitamin D3. The Zinzino BalanceOil is designed to safely adjust and maintain your EPA + DHA levels and the Omega-6:3 ratio. The NaturAlly Fed Zinzino Challenge! Omegas are clearly vital to maintaining good health! We've partnered up with Zinzino to bring you the Zinzino Challenge. Transform your health in just 120 days. Click HERE to take the challenge with us!

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