Get crazy about cooking with our recipe for fun!

You get up in the morning. Maybe you need to take the kids to school. Then you rush to work. Later in the evening, you also have your yoga or gym session. And then you step into the kitchen, clueless, and end up ordering a quick take away from the chip shop on the corner (again) or snacking here and there on whatever you find in the cupboards. I know that this scenario might look familiar and believe me you are not alone! I've discussed the benefits of meal planning in a previous post here and it's also a perk of joining my WE-llness Club, but meal planning alone might not be enough for you! The next question might be: how do we make meal planning FUN? I have a few tips for you! COOKING CLUB: Do you remember book clubs and movie clubs? Here we go! - Pick your favourite recipes, or new ones you're curious about. Invite friends over for a cuppa, or organise a Zoom call and ask them for their suggestions! - The web is full of delicious recipes - you can even find some ideas right here on my blog. Personally, I opt for nourishing, healthy but exciting meals. Have you experimented with jackfruit? How about cashew cream? New ingredients are fun! - Challenge your friends to cook the same recipes as you, either in person or separately, then share notes on how the meal turned out. Pro Tip Time for the best photo competition! TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD: Choose different recipes, planning a “theme” menu based on specific countries, so you can travel around the world without leaving your kitchen! Go from Mexico to Italy, to Australia to Greece and try the national dish. If you feel adventurous, you could also add your own personal touch! This is a family activity too and a fantastic opportunity to explore different cultures and cuisines. Pro Tip Remember: you also want to cook something that you really like the sound of! FOOD IS MUSIC: Music does lots of things to people: in life, we have instant connections with food and with music. They actually complement one another well, because they feed our bodies, our souls and our minds. Organise a play-list to listen to while you are preparing your food; different types of music can inspire different types of cuisine. You don’t believe me? Pro Tip Try smooth and cool Jazz with late night nibbles, refined classical music with fine dining, and rock 'n' roll with American grub! COOK, RELAX, UNWIND: Cooking should be relaxing. Detach from the rest of the world and take some time off. Love yourself by making your best food. Create your perfect environment to match your style: this is your stimulating place. Get cooking appliances and utensils in your favourite colours. What's your personal style? Maybe you're about rustic chopping boards, or recycling those vintage tins you found in the second hand shop! Pro Tip While you cook, you can sip a delicious cocktail or smoothie. Why not level up the health by trying our wide range of kombucha? Forget the perfection. You don’t have to be an impeccable chef. In fact, we all learn from our gaffes and they make really funny stories to tell at our cooking clubs! For more practical, nourishing lifestyle tips, you might like to sign up to my mailing list. Just click the button on the homepage!

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