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Enemas and fasting

It isn't every day that you hear people talk about having an enema - even though going for a colonic seem to be more and more a trendy thing to do, enemas are still somewhat taboos.

Nevertheless, enemas date back thousands of years and are very embedded in some cultures more than others. Many families in Italy (where I come from) besides having bidets that seem to be still so funny and misunderstood in other countries, also use a little pump enema - a pear-shaped rubber bottle with a long tip - which gets filled with water and pumped into the rectum either to relieve constipation or to help flushing and cleaning the rectum.

Although I'm not a novice at enemas, I thought I would attempt a deeper cleanse give that the moon was waning and I still felt bloated from the Christmas indulgence. I decided to combine enemas with a fast and a colonic cleanse based on Bentonite Clay and Psyllium Husk.

I started with taking one big teaspoon of clay and one of husk mixed with water once in the morning and once in the evening for the first 3 days, then added one more dose around midday. Other than this mix I drank water and herbal teas, making sure to flush my system as much as I could. I also drank one glass of Kombucha per day to help my digestive flora with some healthy probiotics.

I found that the hunger pangs decreased as I persevered with the fasting and it became very second nature to continue. After 5 days of just water and teas, I introduced some miso soup (mainly for warmth) and fresh juices. On day 8 I have also had some yoghurt.

I did an enema every night consisting of 2 pints of warm water 3 times each evening. I kept the water inside around 5 minutes to begin with, then 10-15 minutes for the second enema, and 20 minutes for the third. On day 6, I also did a garlic enema to help killing any parasites that might have still been lurking around.

Unfortunately, as much as I hoped to get rid of plaque build-up, the most that came out of me was sludge. It wasn't very pleasant and in fact it was rather smelly and I was glad to get rid of it. Nevertheless, I feel somehow cheated or let down that no plaque came out - maybe I didn't see it?

I certainly felt very cleansed and somehow I also experienced some deeper spiritual benefit: I can only describe it as being more mindful and connected, to myself, to others and to this world. On top of this, I also lost 3.5 kilos in the process (half a stone), so I definitely feel lighter!

Having never experienced doing enemas coupled with fasting - and considering that in the past I used to gorge myself before being able to say I'm full - I think that fasting added an important element to the cleanse. I thought that I couldn't go past one day without food, I now feel like I don't want to put anything in my body to pollute what I've achieved. Also, I can't wait to do another one, so I'm going to consider a regular fast, maybe one day each week, or a few days out of each month.

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