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Castor Oil Compresses

I was very interested in trying the castor oil packs since my personal priority is to cleanse harmful toxins from my body.

I ordered castor oil and unbleached cotton bandages online and I was very excited when the package arrived. I waited for an appropriate time in the evening to do the packs as I wanted to also try them on my children.

About a year ago, I had a problem being overweight and I was diagnosed with a fatty liver. Therefore, I thought that my priority was to start with the liver.

Whereas both my children have quite a few issues with their lungs: cough, mucus on the chest, poor breathing, and constant colds. So, for them I packed both their lungs and liver, given that the liver needs to be also packed when focusing on an organ that is above the liver.

I've started with the children, given that they were so curious and excited about what I was pulling out of the cupboard that they would have probably cried if I had started with myself. I soaked the cotton sheet in the castor oil in a little bowl and squeezed the excess - I must say it is an incredibly sticky oil and I immediately thought that it would be difficult to remove from furniture and any clothing that gets stained from it.

I got the children to remove their T-shirt, then applied the bandage on to their chest making sure to cover both lungs as well as the liver. After doing this, I wrapped cling film all around the cotton and made sure that the whole area was covered so that no oil could leak out. I then proceeded to do the same for myself, but just covering my liver.

Whilst we waited I explained to them about this technique and what it is working to achieve, trying to get the children to relax and not touch the pack too much!

After about 20 minutes, we all went to our bathroom and I started with one child at the time by unwrapping the cling film off and then removing the pack, making sure to fold it and store it in a labelled bag for each one of us.

Then straight in the shower to remove the oil excess and wash off any other toxin that might be still lingering on the skin.

The children went straight to bed after their shower and didn't take long to fall asleep, so maybe they felt relaxed To some degree. As for myself, I stayed awake for a while longer and watched some TV then went to bed to.

Other than feeling relaxed and soothed, it is hard to quantify the effects of a castor oil pack after one use. However, a month on, both children's mucous seems to have cleared or certainly decreased. One of the children, who has always had a persistent and phlegmy cough seems to have almost completely disappeared.

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