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Inspiration and support 

Doing a cleanse by yourself is a huge challenge, but the benefits are MASSIVE! Whilst you might not have someone joining you, or whether you are the leader of a pack of people going for it, inspiration can help us keep our energy up and keep going, especially at the beginning when cravings and pain can get in the way and make you want to quit! A cleanse can sometimes bring along discomfort, headaches, nausea, and flu-like symptoms, BUT these are all great signs that your body is starting to repair and cleanse - so you need to bear with them! they usually disappear by day 3, so that should be your first goal. you might want to watch the following two documentaries - I found them inspirational and full of information. There are loads of websites out there too that you can read to research more around juicing, it's benefits, and also for more recipes. Don't forget to share your progress and any inspiring tips you might come across with our lovely Facebook community that are on the BIG Spring Cleanse 2017 with you!

Jason Vale 

Super Juice Me

Joe Cross 

Fat, sick and nearly dead

Facebook group

Don't forget to join the Facebook group online support group and share your experience. Very often we find other people's comments and support encouraging and we can also give inspiration to other by sharing our feeling and achievements as well as commenting on other people's achievements and struggles.

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