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How did it all start...

I am 39, soon to turn 40, and never in my life I would have thought that my health would have ever slowed me down or become an obstacle to my happiness - not at my age anyway. However, in January 2013 on my way to work my body gave in and I collapsed in the middle of a busy road in London. When I woke up I was in hospital, confused about where I was, what had happened, and worrying that I was late for work and for my meetings - laying on a hospital bed, wearing a very non-flattering gown and with a few wires plugged here and there on my body. From that day, it has taken me 4 years to admit to myself that I led a lifestyle that was slowly killing me and that I needed to make some drastic changes. This led me to a quest of research, study and experimentation to understand what was happening to me and how to fix my health or at least improve it.  

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How my life got transformed...

I knew that by making even the smallest changes, bit by bit, my health and my life could only improve, since i was stuck in a toxic downspiral - but I needed knowledge, facts, truth and the more I read the more I started understand; the more I understood, the more I brought changes to my life and the life of my family; the more changes I made, the more our health improved. I feel energised, more relaxed, enthusiastic, healthy and grateful to have had the chance to step out of old life, get informed and start practicing a new life - the healthy and natural way! I have stared my business and this website to serve others and bring transformational change to our society, for us all to feel great, happy, healthy! 

How can we be on this journey together...

What I have learned so far (and believe me, there's so much more to learn and share out there!) is that the key to great health is within us, in the temple that is our body and in what we put in - our nutrition - and in the environment and communities that we surround ourselves with. The call of nature to keep ourselves clean and detoxed, whilst nourishing ourselves with unprocessed full-or-life natural goodness is basic, yet so fundamentally important. I have learned that our connection to each other and to the world that we live in is sacred and must be respected at all times if we really want to find peace and feed our soul - our mental health. We need music, dance, exercise and laughter - nothing strenuous, but a regular source of energy. I learned that there is only so much that you can learn in one place and that you need to seek knowledge from as many people as possible - I am not talking about the experts, I am talking about you! You, your story, your knowledge, your opinion inspire me and help me making sense of this journey. So stay tuned in and keep sharing with me!

How do I want you to look at this journey...

I strongly believe that there is a place for modern Wester medicine - after all we do have some fantastic doctors and surgeons, and when I needed treatment for broken bones, emergency treatment, and surgery, I could only be grateful that they were there for me. Nevertheless, I cannot ignore my studies of pathology - the study of illnesses - where I learned that some astonishing numbers of illnesses have unclear or unknown causes. For me, this is crazy and means that instead of looking at what went wrong and why, we very often get prescribed chemicals to "cure" the illness. But hang on - what are we curing exactly if we don't know where the illness has come from? Perhaps it is time we start looking more at prevention and healthy lifestyle first, then natural remedies and alternative or complementary therapies, and only then (if everything else has failed) turn to drugs - making sure we get all the information about what the drug is actually for and that we are explained in detail all the side effects. I believe we should keep an open mind and a balanced approach to healing, starting with nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. 

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