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Reflexology for companies

How can reflexology benefit your company?

Regular reflexology treatments not only help to reduce stress and tension, but can also speed recovery from a wide range of acute and chronic illnesses.


Some of the benefits to your company can include:

  • Reduced sickness and absenteeism

  • Pain relief for stress related conditions, such as headaches and migraine

  • Relief for neck, shoulder and back problems

  • Enhanced concentration, efficiency and accuracy

  • The ability of staff to cope more effectively under pressure

  • Positive effects on morale amongst employees

“Approximately 360 million working days are lost annually in the UK at a cost of £8 bllion, and half of these absences are ‘stress related.’”

In a MORI poll research, stress was cited as having a negative effect on the health of over a third of the working population (amounting to approx 8.5 million people).  It is estimated that up to 75% of all illness is stress-related.

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