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2017 is definitely the year of change for me. Having gone through several diets in my life as well as making myself ill through work, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise and sleep, I decided some time ago to make some radical changes.


In May 2016, I had a gastric band fitted so that I could restrict my food intake. Now, I have never been absolutely huge, but equally I have always been overweight and liked my food. Overeating and binging being my main problem.


I have always been conscious of my heals and very often chose herbal remedies over drugs, but I still needed to look deeper and I have finally decided to completely break from everything in a sense.

I decided to retrain myself, not just career wise, but my whole self. I have enrolled on a Naturopathy course and this page details my journey as well as my practice.


Happy reading!

Fed's career 


Federico Podeschi is a qualified trainer who has worked in the field of sexual orientation and gender identity since 2005. After working in the public sector and for organisations supporting people with learning difficulties, people with sensory impairments, people with mental health, and older people, Federico worked for Stonewall Cymru, the national charity campaigning for LGBT rights. After that he set up the LGBT Excellence Centre, a charity in Wales that supported LGBT throughout Wales. Besides running a helpline, the charity also delivered legal casework on discrimination, bullying and harassment, counselling services, asylum advice and casework, housing advice, and direct support to young LGBT people. Training and consultancy was at the core of business development and Federico developed training courses, briefings, leaflets and networks to support the delivery of high standard and reputable information, knowledge and expertise to the public sector and many organisations the charity worked with. After 6 years at the LGBT Excellence Centre, Federico became CEO of Broken Rainbow the UK charity for LGBT people facing domestic violence and abuse. During this time, he continued to develop and deliver training and consultancy to organisations throughout the UK.


Over the last 12 years, Federico provided training and consultancy services to a number of organisations and companies throughout the UK, including the Employment Lawyers Association, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), the Office for National Statistics, the Government Equality Office, the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Rolls Royce, Royal Bank of Scotland, Age UK, the Welsh Assembly Government, HMP Parc Prison, various local authorities, police forces and many schools. 


Federico also became a foster carer in 2015 and has since developed a strong interest in supporting young LGBT children and young people in care.

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